Design and Engineering

In Vertex, engineering is perceived as a quintessential seed in which the final manifestation of the system is embedded. We carry out Pre-feed, Feed, Basic, and Detail Engineering as per the project requirements. The following is a partial list of Engineering, Analysis, and Design activities performed at Vertex:-

  • System Layout Design
  • PFD and P&ID
  • 3D Modelling and Piping Isometrics
  • Stress Analysis (Static and Dynamic)
  • Transient and Steady-State Hydraulics
  • Purchase Specifications and Data Sheets (Piping, Mechanical, Electrical, and Other Process Equipment)
  • Heat Transfer and Lagging Requirements
  • Equipment Sizing (Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Vessels, etc.)
  • Control Philosophy and DACS Systems
  • Support for HAZOP, HAZID, and FMEA Studies
Dr. Srinivasan Bharath
Head – Engineering & Business Development