High-Pressure High-Temperature Experimental Helium Cooling Loop for Fusion Reactor Component Testing

Experimental Helium Cooling Loop (EHCL) is a High-Pressure High-Temperature Closed Loop Helium Gas System used for cooling and evaluating the performance of Test Blanket Module (TBM), Fusion Blanket First Wall Mock-ups, and various other Fusion Blanket Components. Vertex is the EPC contractor responsible for all for all activities encompassing Basic Engineering, Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Testing, and Commissioning of this facility. Vertex has also carried out  detailed Thermo-Hydraulic Compressible Flow Steady State Analyses and determined the required equipment and piping characteristics to ensure optimum performance of the system under various operating conditions. This work was given the “Platinum Pipe Award: Most Interesting Model” by Applied Flow Technology, Colorado, USA.

High-Pressure High-Temperature Closed Loop Cooling Water Circulation System for Fusion Reactor Components

Experimental High-Pressure High-Temperature Water Circulation System (HPHT-WCS) is a Closed Loop System used for cooling and evaluating the performance of Plasma Facing Components and Assemblies, located in the Test Chamber. Vertex was the EPC contractor responsible for all activities encompassing Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Integration, Testing, and Commissioning of this facility. The system was designed and constructed to control and regulate critical flow parameters (Pressure, Temperature, and Flow Rate) within a narrow bandwidth. This enabled to achieve and maintain the pressure and temperature anticipated during testing of divertor components at various heat fluxes and to investigate the consequences of Critical Heat Flux at various operating conditions.

Cooling System for Negative-Ion Beam Generator used in
Thermonuclear Fusion Research

Negative-Ion Beam Generators consisting of Beam-Source and Beam-Line  Cryocooler Systems require effective Pressurized Water-Cooled Piping Loops to maintain module temperatures within permissible limits. Vertex was the EPC contractor that carried out Basic Engineering, Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Integration, Testing, and Commissioning.  This project also entailed considerable number of case studies on flow networks to evaluate overall pressure drops and required flow levels in various branches of the system. This project is a part of Fusion Reactor Development carried out by India which is an important member of the Mega-Science Project – International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER).

Ultra-High Vacuum Generation and Working Fluid Charging System for Heat Pipes

Heat Pipes are critical components used in Satellites for cooling of electronic circuitry. Vertex has provided the complete EPC solution for automatic charging of heat pipes with ultra-pure ammonia. The project involved integration and commissioning of Ultra-high Vacuum Generation Systems, Cryocoolers, Baking Chambers, Switchgear, Sophisticated and Sensitive Control Valves, Measuring Instruments, Data Acquisition and Control Systems, and Piping Networks. This facility is the first of its kind in India wherein 48 single core or 24 dual core heat pipes of up to 3 meter long can be simultaneously evacuated to ultra-high vacuum levels and charged with ammonia.

Total Intra-Plant and Inter-Plant Piping Systems for Toyota Motor Corporation and Associated Industries

Vertex is a proud contractor of Toyota Motor Corporation servicing their immediate, critical, and future needs related to Plant Piping and Maintenance for over 20 years. Piping Systems covering the entire spectrum of Utility Piping, Process, Piping and Refrigerant Piping such as Chilled Water, DM Water, LPG, Compressed Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Diesel, Petroleum, Lube Oil, Firewater, etc. Total length of pipe erected in the plant till date exceeds 400 km.

Vaporization Control of Petrol Fractions in Pumping Stations to Facilitate Uninterrupted Supply of Petrol in Plant Assembly Line

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Corporation on average rolls out 1 car per minute from their assembly lines. The fuel necessary to test drive and transport these cars from the assembly line exit has to be supplied by a dispensing unit. However, for personnel and plant operating safety, the fuel storage tanks along with the pumping stations are located outside the plant premises at distances varying between 400 and 500 meters. During mid-afternoons of peak summers, petrol dispensing systems in the assembly line would trip frequently due to vapor formation in the line. Vertex was awarded an EPC contract to resolve this problem and ensure steady liquid petroleum flow in the supply lines to the dispenser. This project involved engineering and supply of submersible turbine pumps, piping systems network, and Data Acquisition and Control Systems. Notably, Vertex also performed process simulation using Aspen HYSYS software and determined the petrol fractions that will flash at high temperatures and low pressures which occur at the inlet of the pump suction. Finally, vaporization was prevented by supplying liquid petrol directly from the submersible pumps to the suction of the diaphragm pumps which deliver petrol to the dispensing unit.

High-Temperature Compressed Air Piping Intake System for Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber Testing

Design, Testing, and Evaluation of Aero-Engine Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber (for Defence Applications) requires test rigs which can supply  compressed air @ 600 degree Celsius and 20 bar pressure. Due to very high-temperature and large pipe size (24”), the integrity and performance of the piping system and it’s associated components was a unique challenge in this project. Vertex has provided the complete EPC solution for this project from Concept Design to Final Commissioning.

Exempt Low Activity Liquid Water (ELALW) Collection and Disposal System for Medical Use of Fission-Based Mo-99 Production Facility

Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) is an Isotope used for medical diagnostic imaging in a Non-invasive manner for early detection of Heart Conditions and Cancer. Board of Radiation & Isotope Technology (BRIT), Dept. of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India required a system for collection and disposal of Exempt Low Activity Liquid Water (ELALW) produced from the Mo-99 Fission-Based Production Facility. Vertex was the EPC contractor responsible for Design, Supply, Fabrication, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning of this system. The system consisted of 30 KL SS Storage Tanks, Submersible Pumps, Motorized Valves, SS Piping, Ultrasonic Level Sensors, Control Panels, etc. This project also involved installation of underground Stainless-Steel Pipe-in-Pipe systems to prevent leakage of Radioactive Waste Water during transportation.

2MW Industrial Back Pressure Steam Turbine Skid Integration and Utility Systems

This mechanical skid is designed and configured to essentially convert excess exhaust steam from the steam boilers in urea plants to useful power through a low-pressure steam turbine. Vertex’s responsibility include design and construction of structural base and integration of utility piping, electrical systems, and instrumentation required for the skid package consisting of steam turbine, reduction gear box, and pump. This also involved vibration studies due to unbalanced excitation forces of the rotating machinery. Seven such skids were fabricated and delivered. Lift weight of each skid was in the range of 15 tons.

Sewage Treatment Plant of Capacity 1.5 MLD (2 Nos. x  750 KLD each)


Vertex carried out Supply, Fabrication, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning of Sewage Water Treatment Facility of Capacity 1.5 MLD (2 Nos. 750 KLD each) using FMR/FAB technology. This project involved integration of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Piping works consisting of Air Blowers, Air Diffusers, Lamella, Activated Carbon Filter, Multi-grade Filter, Ozone Generating Equipment, Ultra Violet Equipment, etc.